KIMBER KABLE PowerKord™14 (PK14)

High Quality, Affordable Power Cord with Wattgate Quality Connectors.

NOTICE : For lengths over 10 feet long, add independently 'extra 1 foot' and multiply it as many times as needed at your basket, so as, along with the '10 feet' you have already chosen you will have the length you want.

Price: €190.00  €129.00

Plugs Colour 



ATTENTION: KIMBER KABLE PowerKords now come covered with a black stocking and underneath, the external dielectric of the cable has a light gray colour, so the photos you see at our Eshop are not representative. Have in mind though that these are just cosmetic changes.
  • Conductors 3 x 2,08mm² (14AWG) of Specially Optimized Copper
  • Chroma free conductor dielectrics
  • Outer diameter 11mm
  • Wattgate Economy Connectors
  • Ultra Quiet background
  • Unlimited dynamics, toe tapping rhythmic articulation, and exceptional low level resolution



Kimber about PowerKords™:


 The notion of power cables offering improved system performance has become a hotly debated topic. The interaction between a power cable and a component has often been misunderstood or dismissed. Research and experience have shown us that this interaction should not be underestimated. A power cord has direct correlation to the musical signal. By utilizing our OSCaR™ (Objective Subjective Correlation and Results) engineering process we have been able to correlate just how significant the role of a power cable is to system performance.

The improvements obtained by our PowerKord™ products in terms of sound and/or video performance are in parity with the improvements that can be obtained by high quality speaker cables or interconnects.

In other words, we highly recommend you experience the wonderful improvements of our PowerKords ™ for yourself.

Kimber Kable PowerKord™ products achieve their remarkable performance through close observance to fundamental technical realities as well as innovative approaches to obtaining highly sought-after parameters.

WATTGATE 15RA by Kimber Kable
WATTGATE 15RA by Kimber Kable

Right angle housing


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WATTGATE 360i by Kimber Kable
WATTGATE 360i by Kimber Kable

High quality, Economy Schuko Plug


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WATTGATE 320i by Kimber Kable
WATTGATE 320i by Kimber Kable

High quality, Economy IEC C15 Plug


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WATTGATE 320i HC by Kimber Kable
WATTGATE 320i HC by Kimber Kable

High quality, Economy IEC C19 Plug


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KIMBER KABLE PowerKord™10 (PK10)
KIMBER KABLE PowerKord™10 (PK10)

High Current Power Cord


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