MONSTER CABLE AV800 Audio Video PowerCenter™

Complete, all-in-one power management solution to help protect your stereo or home cinema investments and help deliver better sound and picture. Features fast- acting, high capacity 2562 Joule surge protection for all AC power and coaxial connections, 1 set of protected Radio coaxial connections and 1 set of protected cable TV or antenna coaxial connections.

Price: €75.00  €67.00







Dimensions: 1.61"(4cm) H x 4.80"(12,2cm) W x 12.99"(33cm) L; weight: 2.30 lbs (1,05kg) without cord.
Dual-Mode Plus™ power protection circuitry with audible alarm and auto disconnect.
2562 Joule rating provides a high level of surge absorption.
8 AC outlets for AC surge and spike protection.

2 pair coaxial connections for cable TV and Radio protection

High Current "Monster Powerline" 1,5mm²,  8ft(2,5m) cable with right angled schuko plug


Monster MULTIPLE SURGE GUARD CIRCUITRY absorbs harmful power surges to give your Audio Video System Full Protection

Harmful power surges and voltage spikes can travel up AC power and coaxial connections and damage your components. Lightning, automatic garage doors, power tools, refrigerators and fluorescent lights all cause power surges and voltage spikes that can travel up AC power lines and coaxial cables to damage the sensitive electronic circuitry of your connected audio video components. Ordinary surge protectors, or the so-called "value brands", often fail to provide the adequate level of protection your AV components need. Plus, standard surge protectors often cause as much as 20 to 30dB of signal loss which can adversely affect the output performance levels of coaxial connections.

A properly designed surge protector can help protect your sensitive audio video components. Proper connection to an advanced surge protector that offers integrated system protection can help minimize the risk of permanent surge damage.

Monster PowerCenters give you the level of protection your system needs.
Unlike standard surge protectors, the Monster PowerCenter™ AV800 with SurgeGuard™ protection provides multiple layers of defense against harmful surges. Strategically placed multiple Metal Oxide Varistors respond within one nanosecond (a billionth of a second) to power surges and voltage spikes before they can reach and damage your audio video components. Plus, Monster's ultra-low loss RF circuitry minimizes signal loss to maintain the peak output performance of your coaxial connections.

Monster PowerCenters make life easier. Monster's FlatProfile™ plug lets you push your furniture flush against the wall.
And, with color-coded outlets and cord labels, you can avoid unplugging your DVDR/VCR by mistake, causing it to blink "12:00." Finally, a generous eight-foot Monster power cord, which is the optimum length to reach most electrical outlets, is included.

Maximize your system's protection.
Now you can get protection from harmful surges, voltage spikes and inconvenience! Monster's PowerCenters offer high performance solutions for today's technology challenges.