NU FORCE IA-7 V2 Remote Controlled Integrated Amplifier

The NuForce IA-7 V2 is one of the best sounding integrated amplifiers.

Ex-demo, with less than 100 working hours. Like new in its box. The plastic protective sheet is still on its faceplate. Free shipping.

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  • Ex-demo, with less than 100 working hours.
  • Like new in its box. 
  • The plastic protective sheet is still on its faceplate.
  • Free shipping.


• Power Output:
      o 100W x 2 with 24,000uF of capacitance using 200W SMPS.
      o 338W peak power at 8 ohms.

• Power Bandwidth: 100 to 20 kHz +/- 0.8 db; 10 Hz -0.5 db; 60 kHz -3 db

• THD+N = 0.03%, 1kHz, 10 W

• Remote controlled input selection and volume control with memory (last selection, volume level)

• Digitally-controlled switched attenuator. Volume Range: +30dB to –70dB with 0.5dB steps

• Audio Inputs: 4 sets of RCA inputs (1 set can be configured as pre-out)

• Audio Outputs:
      o 1 set of RCA preamp output jacks (only 3 sets of RCA inputs are available if this is configured)
      o Speaker Binding Posts accept spade lugs or banana plugs

• Chassis is 100% high-grade, brushed and anodized aluminum to reduce audio resonance

• Dimensions: 1.75” (4,5 cm) H x 8.5” (21,6 cm) W x 16” (40,7 cm) D

• Weight: 8 lbs (3,65 kg).

• Power Requirements: 90-240VAC, auto select



Analog Switching Amplifier

NuForce™ amplifier technology is based upon the principle that a power oscillator can be modulated by an audio signal so that it produces an amplified audio signal obtained with a reconstruction filter, without the bandwidth limitation of a fixed frequency, carrier-based conventional PWM control. It uses a highperformance analog modulation technique and a closed-loop control system. Therefore NuForce refers to its audio amplifier as the Analog Switching AmplifierTM. NuForce amplifiers offer ultra-wide bandwidth, with virtually no phase shift in the audible frequency range. The output stage is fully regulated and has an extremely high damping factor, which provides unprecedented control of the bass-frequency spectrum.

NuForce developed its revolutionary amplifier technology from the ground up to reassess and redefine faithful music reproduction. The first impressions of listening to NuForce amplifiers are those of pristine clarity, natural tonality, expansive imagery, and realistic proportions of the musicians and their instruments. Bass notes are well defined and articulate, with addictive rhythm and drive.

In order to achieve our goal of flawless music reproduction, NuForce amplifiers are designed with
the following characteristics:

High Bandwidth

The NuForce™ Analog Switching Amplifier provides near ruler-flat response from 20Hz to 50 kHz with response out past 90 kHz. Only a handful of very expensive high-end linear amplifiers have a bandwidth exceeding 50 kHz. Most linear or digital switching amplifiers barely achieve a bandwidth of 20Hz-25 kHz.

Low Distortion

The majority of today's amplifiers provide low distortion figures—typically less than 0.1% of Total
Harmonic Distortion (THD) when measured at 1W using a 1000Hz sine wave. The manufacturers of these amplifiers fail to disclose that at full power the distortion may be 10 to 100 times greater, and at higher frequencies their distortion rises further. With NuForce's patent-pending technologies, harmonic distortion is effectively cancelled at every cycle of operation. As a result, the extremely low distortion of NuForce's analog switching amplifier remains extremely low regardless of the frequency of the signal or the output power level.

Unique closed-loop design

Unlike the Class-D amplifier, NuForce's analog switching amplifier does not require a sawtooth waveform for modulation, but a proprietary, naturally-occurring modulating signal. In conjunction with referencing the signal at the loudspeaker terminals, thereby eliminating all distortions, NuForce's natural switching signal does not add noise into the system. The NuForce amplifier also does not suffer from the 180-degree phase shift caused by the output filter that plagues most Class-D amplifiers.

NuForce’s high bandwidth and unique closed-loop design provide very high forward gain, well beyond the audio frequency range, at up to 1MHz. Therefore, all non-linearities are greatly reduced to achieve an operating power bandwidth as high as 100 kHz, while at the same time maintaining consistently low distortion across that frequency spectrum.

Near Zero Phase Shift

By design, the NuForce amplifier has almost no phase shift. Most amps exhibit phase shift in excess of 45 degrees at 20 kHz, increasing rapidly toward 90 degrees as frequency ascends. Spatial information is skewed and inaccurate when there are phase shifts.

High Damping Factor

To compute the damping factor of an amplifier, a reference input signal is applied and the output voltages without load (Vno-load) and with 8-ohm speaker load (Vload) are measured.

Damping Factor = Vno-load / (Vno-load – Vload)

There are 2 issues with the above industry standard measurement:
(1) Nuforce closed-loop response must include the speaker load for the PWM switching oscillation to take place;
(2) Output without load on Nuforce speakers is basically irrelevant, and we are in fact measuring the output with an internal 100-ohm Zobel network. Using the standard measurement method, at the MOSFET output (after being filtered), we get a Vload almost identical to or slightly higher than Vno-load. This resulted in an infinite damping factor.

Since Nuforce requires a closed-loop response to oscillate for the PWM controller to function, and the closed-loop transfer function changes with different loads – therefore, Damping Factor measurement is irrelevant with Nuforce Circuit. In the production Nuforce amplifier, speaker lead out wires which form high-frequency common-mode chokes are added to the circuit board to suppress RF noise. When Damping Factor is taken at the speaker terminals, this number is 160, which reflects the impedance of the wirings and the output chokes.