GigaWatt LC-Y EVO Bulk Cable - NEW!!!

GigaWatt LC-Y EVO is a shielded power cable specially designed for audio and video systems and is also an excellent choice for in-wall installations.

NOTICE : At your basket, multiply your choice/s you have selected, as many times as is needed, so as to have the length you want to buy (Powerline cables below 1m or 3 feet are not recommended). Don't forget to add to your basket, 'termination cost' independently, if you want it to be delivered terminated with the plugs of your choice.

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Improvements over GigaWatt LC-Y 3+:

- Even higher quality copper

- Improved geometry

- New Vibration Absorbing layer made from a quite new elastomer


The GigaWatt LC-Y is a special, shielded cable, dedicated to power audio and video systems, which are prone to interference. The wires of the cable are made from three solid-core, high purity electrolytic copper conductors, with a cross-section of 4mm² each. The dielectric is made from polyethylene. The conductors are twisted together and shielded with aluminum foil, which connects to a copper shield wire, with 1.5mm² cross section, on its full length. In addition, the conductors and shield, are placed in a material, that damps unwanted vibration. The complete cable is covered with a coat from self-closing PVC, which is very resistant to mechanical damage.

By using a static shield, this cable is minimizing the EMI and RFI interference. This shield is especially effective in protecting audio-video systems, computer stations, also in hospitals and industry environments, especially when dealing with delicate measuring equipment. Complying with the EU directives LDV 73/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC this cable can be successfully installed in places exposed to electromagnetic radiation.
It can be installed recessed (sub-plaster) or surface mounted, in dry and moist interiors, as well as directly in concrete. External application is allowed only in case direct sunlight exposure is eliminated, or the cable is placed in a cable duct.
Basic technical data:
  • Wires consist of three solid-core, 4mm² High Purity Oxygen Free Copper conductors
  • Conductors twisted together and shielded with aluminum foil Polyethylene Insulation
  • Conductors and screen enclosed in a Vibration Absorbing material
  • Outer sheath of the cable consists of a layer of self-closing antistatic PVC
  • Cable very resistant to mechanical damage
  • Nominal operating voltage: safely up to 300 V
  • Working temperature range: -40°C to +70°C
  • External diameter: 12 mm
  • Weight/1m: 0,250 kg

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