PADIS FS30 Series, Slow Blow (T) Fuses 6.3x32mm

Pure Copper, Rhodium Plated, Nonmagnetic Time-lag Fuses

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PADIS Fuses provide real Audiophile sonic characteristics and a very high quality construction at an extremely low cost for what they offer!
PADIS is the sole manufacturer of the famous FURUTECH fuses.


  • Extremely low inductance
  • Completely non-magnetic
  • Pure Copper caps with direct Rhodium Plating (no nickel in between)
  • Pure Copper internal wire
  • Extremely low resonant construction by the use of ceramic body filled with resonance absorbing granulated material
  • International Approval (UL approved)
  • Made in Germany

FURUTECH TF series Fuses (T) Slow Blow 6,3x32mm
FURUTECH TF series Fuses (T) Slow Blow 6,3x32mm

Pure Transmission Fuses


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