WATTGATE 350i HC by Kimber Kable

High End, High Current, 24K Gold Plated, IEC C19 Plug

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  • Audio Grade
  • Large, high spring-rate contacts
  • Perma-Lock Terminals
  • Glass filled high temperature nylon front housing
  • Polycarbonate rear housing
  • Stainless hardware
  • Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT)
  • 20A/125VAC or 250VAC
  • Some classifications are 16A/250VAC



Wattgate Three Layer Plating Process :

1. Oxygen free copper plating improves conductivity
2. Electroless nickel plating necessary to prevent the leeching of the copper through the pure gold layer
3. 24k Gold plating improves conductivity

WATTGATE 15RA by Kimber Kable
WATTGATE 15RA by Kimber Kable

Right angle housing


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WATTGATE 390i by Kimber Kable
WATTGATE 390i by Kimber Kable

High End Performance Schuko Plug


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